Daisuke Ono and Kana Nakamura
Let’s start dancing!


Do you want to try new thing? or Do you want to be in healthy?
Let’s start dancing!
We are very welcome for new comers. Please call us 03-3301-7071
or come to Third Dance School.

Daisuke Ono and Kana Nakamura startd dancing together at 2011.
Now we are A class at Standard and C class at Latin.
We are seeking 10 dance.
About Daisuke, he graduated from Tokyo University
and also Tokyo University grad school.
His major is English and Sports medical.
He is good at teaching dance which come from his sports medical background.
About Kana, she has learned ballet from youth and then start dancing.
Also have experienced study English and ballroom dance at Canada.

Third dance school
167-0042 4th Floor Otani-building, 3-20-2
, Suginamiku, Tokyo

25min for 1leson
Kana 3,240yen, Daisuke 4,320yen
Entry fee 6,000yen.
We have trial lesson.

We have also has group lesson at Suginami-ku.
Please ask us for detailed.